I don’t know why, but the first thing I always consider in a relationship is how much time my boyfriend has on hand to actually dedicate to our relationship. But isn’t that wrong? I just recently realised that it’s not something that actually should make a relationship questionable or not.

If he wants to make time for you, he will.

It’s important for a man to have a life of his own and to chase his career and his dreams, but it’s not the only significant thing that he has. If he decides to be with you, he better dedicate a serious amount of time into making the relationship work.

I have come to realise how important it is that your man puts you first. It means that he will always be there. It means that you can rely on someone when times get tough and is there anything more important than that?

If he really wants to be with you, he won’t take you for granted. He’ll put you first and he will appreciate you. Putting someone first is putting their effort and their time on your priority list as there’s nothing more important than that. Putting them first means that you will never overlook their efforts.

If he really wants to be with you, he will put you first. Not just first—he will not even put you on the usual list because you are way more important than anything else. You will be on a private list of your own, a list that comes before all his other lists. He will show you that a woman is a priority and never an option, even though it might have seemed impossible until now.

Your life will be changed and everything you thought about love will never again be the same. Everything that happens to you while you’re with him will seem magical. His eyes can see only you and his hands are touching only you. But, when you look at him, you don’t see any kind of stress because the whole world goes away when he’s with you.

This man will make you feel happy, finally and you will see why every other man before him wasn’t supposed to stay. They weren’t ready for a real woman; they weren’t ready to dedicate the time needed in order to be there for you. You really do need a man who does everything he can, just to be with you.

For the record, as cliche as it may sound, you should never settle for less. You should never settle for less than a man who is willing to give you all of his attention, affection, care, love and gentleness. You will finally feel appreciated and that’s the most important thing because you will be able to give yourself fully to this man as well.

The magic thing is that you won’t have to explain your needs to him. He will understand you when you’re not even talking. He will read it in your eyes that you need a hug or a serious conversation. He will see it in the way you move your body and in the tone of your voice. Putting someone first gives you the ability to get to know the person. That’s how you’ll know that he really is the one.

If the man you’re with, right at this moment, isn’t able to put you at the top of his priority list, then just leave. You deserve to be someone’s priority more than anything else. You deserve to be loved and cared for and how can you get all that if he isn’t ready to put aside something that’s less important to dedicate time for you? You can get all that only from a man who really wants to be with you.

So just relax. It’s not a myth. A man who will put you first because he cares for you really does exist. Just be patient.

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